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Make a Good Impression

 A clean car always leaves people with a good impression It shows that you take pride in the things that you do and you look after the major things in your life.

If your vehicle is used for business then it’s imperative that you keep it clean this is the face of your business. If you don’t respect it then what’s the

likelihood that you’ll respect your clients. Many people enjoy washing their cars themselves, others will take it to the local supermarket car park hand wash

or drive through petrol station car wash, quick and cheap but there are down sides to this root, how much care do these un-trained car washer take with

your vehicle also what chemicals are they using many do not consider this, but if you value your car you should because certain chemicals are too harsh

and can cause serious damage to car paint an finishes like swirling scratching and  paint fade. It is Important to know that there is a difference

between professionally car valeters and roadside car washers.

Motorbrite Valeters use only high grade gentle shampoos, solvents and waxes on your vehicle, taking time to apply it for best results.

We offer maintenance valets on your vehicle the choice is yours you can arrange weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or other intervals to have

your car cleaned and polished or valeted to a required level, we recommend 2 to 4 weeks intervals with at least 1 x  hand wax polish this

protects will the paint finish.You can choose to have regular wash & dry - mini valet or deluxe valet.


  We come to you

  • No queing at the car wash

  • No swirling on car paint work

  • No water spots due to lack of wax

  • No scratches


      Weekly / Fortnightly / Monthly  from £ 20


what are the benefits for keeping you car regurlarly Valeted?


Extend Vehicle Paint Life

 Car paint that is regularly waxed lasts longer and holds up better over time than car paint that is rarely waxed, the degrading effects of environmental

factors combined with the simple passage of time slowly degrades car paint and causes it to break down and even crack and peel, keeping your car

paintwork regularly waxed will protect it from the sunlight, dirt and grime that are so damaging to car paint that significantly reduce its life span.


Prevent Oxidation

 Oxidation, which is a form of paint fading typically caused by exposure to high heat, is a typical problem affecting most car paintwork, oxidation

commonly affects a car's bonnet, where heat from the engine radiates to the bonnet panel and exposes the paint on the bonnet to extremely

high temperatures, the car roof and boot are two other common areas that experience high levels of oxidation due to the direct sunlight that strikes

these areas, a good waxing protects each individual paint molecule from excessive heat absorption and greatly reduces the incidence of paint oxidation.

In addition to serving the above purposes, a good waxing job will also benefit in the following ways:


Wax Polishing repels road grime, environmental pollutants and tree droppings all of which are prime car paint offenders the less road grime

and environmental debris that attaches to a car's paint surface, the cleaner the car will remain and the easier it will be to clean.

Car wax coats the vehicle's paint with a protective barrier that resists and deflects the sun's ultraviolet rays, which keeps a vehicle's paint job looking               better for longer periods, the sun is notorious for causing premature vehicle paint breakdown and damage.

Water spots are less likely to form, water drops often form when areas of trapped water on or around a car's body moulding or window moulding trickle           out and run down the sides of the vehicle body, these pool in a recessed area on the paint surface and dry, a waxed surface encourages water to bead           up, or gel, and run down the sides of the car and onto the ground.


Restoring Paint

 Faded car paint, which is normally the result of exposure to excessive temperatures, usually from the sun but sometimes from engine heat makes the

paintwork looks lifeless and loses its natural colour and shine, we can restore paintwork to original near normal colour and gloss with our detailing

restoration techniques include a thorough machine buff to remove swirls and small scratches from bodywork waxing and sealing.  


Why should you get your car detail valeted?

 Over time, trim, rubber, plastic, and the paint of your vehicle can show the effects of the damage, using Motorbrite Professional Auto Detailing Service 

you can be rest assured that your vehicle is being cleaned properly using micro-fibre clothes, gentle cleansers, wax polish, solvents  and solutions

which helps to protects your car all round to last through the years. nothing beats our auto detailing service, we are experts in this field and  know how

to get to the hard to reach places in your vehicle in order to clean every nook and cranny to get it vehicle looking great, as professionals detailers

we are also masters when it comes to, carpet and upholstery cleaning in order to remove stains and odoursf you are serious about the appearance,

increasing the longevity and maintaining the highest resale value, you are in the right place.


Interior Germ Free and Healthy

 If you eat, smoke or just spend a lot of time in your car, you often leave particles and matter in the car, over time the particles and dirt can cause the interior

of the car to harbour germs and odour, when you get your car professionally valeted, we will thoroughly vacuum and shampoo your interior upholstery your

car carpet and seats including leather we uses special tools to remove sticky materials and particles from hard-to-reach cracks of your car's

inner compartments, our professional detailing job includes both cleaning and disinfecting of the surfaces to kill germs also reduce Allergies.

Increase Resale Value.

 If you are planning to sell your car, having it thoroughly detail valeted can boost its value to a potential buyer and make it potentially easier to sell your car,

with a professional details your car gets a clean smell and look that could improve a buyer's perception of the car's condition, a dirty car suggests

to a potential owner that you don’t really care about the car and if you couldn’t keep it clean, what’s the likelihood that you looked after all the other parts

of the car  detailing helps remove most traces of the old owner and refreshes the car so that it's prepared for its new owner when it comes to

selling something image is everything (well, at least it’s a big factor). people buy a vehicle with there eyes and smell.



Getting your vehicle regularly valeted makes it easier to keep clean a regularly valeted vehicle will not suffer some of the damage that can occur to

vehicles that aren’t routinely looked after. 

Motorbrite is Providing Long Term Protection 

Removing contaminants which can eat into the finish (leather, fabric, vinyl, paint, etc.) and sealing it, where appropriate, your car will stay in top condition

for a considerably longer period and easier to maintain.



Your car may be the second most expensive purchase you make in life next to your mortgage, next to our home or possibly our place of employment we spend a the most time in our cars so like our house we need to take care of it to stop

it from falling apart, not only should we take care of it mechanically but we should take care of its appearance as many would say the appearance of your house and car reflects the type of person you are! 

Motorbrite choose and use the most suitable products for achieving the best result for each vehicle we valet from selected manufacturers

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